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For all of you that thought running a Football team was easy work, prepare to be taught the errors of your ways. In KICKABOUT only the daring, cunning, tactically gifted and the planners can achieve success, for the game system stands above those of its kind where `the best team always wins’.

In KICKABOUT, strategy and bluff are as important a factor as the skill of your team; here is where Management takes on its true meaning.

Each player in the game takes the role of Manager of a club, and as such has total control over the decisions and choices that may lead that club to success or failure. Within the mechanics of the game, the player also has control over things that are normally beyond the realm of the Manager himself, such as the finances of the club, its public image and marketing infrastructure. To succeed in all of these things is the goal of every player, the question is, who will rise to be the best?

Kickabout is run by Spellbinder games. More resources and sign-up can be found at

We have also included a knowledgebase in this wiki which is culled from various articles contributed by experienced players (see Knowledgebase)


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