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Star Players

STAR PLAYERS are the lifeblood of any team which is the reason why you here managers complaining that none of their stars have gone star, etc. It is a purely random nature, no necromancers involved, no scrying of dead animals entrails involved here. The more level 12’s that you have in your side he more is the chance of one or more (there is actually no limit each session as to how many players can turn stars), turning star. However, this is modified by the fact that the more stars you already have reduces the chances of a star appearing and 18YO’s cannot go star whilst 19YO’s have a very limited chance of gaining star status. Star status is for older players, especially those in their low to mid twenties. Ageing hits the older player harder so these are the one who you want to be immune from aging by going star aren’t they?

Apart from their immunity it aging stars also produce extra match effects. FW/MF have chances of creating extra chances for your team, MF/DF have chances of blocking the opposing side’s chances. This is of particular importance in a game in which the passage of play is very close. I.e., you are playing a team battling for promotion/ relegation against you. You are evenly-matched, defences block out attacks, midfield smother opposing midfields. Hardly a chance is cerated. Up steps your star striker, creates a chances, and your leading scorer takes that one chance and rams the ball into the net. Or, a minute left, one of your defenders makes a mistake, the opposition, break clear, it looks like a certain goal, but out of nowhere your star DF gets back, slides in and blocks the goal. Aren’t you glad you had them. SO, the more stars you have the greater the effect they can have on a game, even one might be able to gain you that advantage that turns certain defeat into a draw or victory.

Physio Points

PHYSIO POINTS you get a limited number of Physio Pints (PPS) at the start of each season and although they occasionally appear in the auction to buy, that’s all you get and they must be used at the appropriate times. The nature of PPS is that if you ask for one to be played in a session it reduces the risk of your players being injured.

Injuries are a random occurrence modified by the MAOUNT OF AGGRESSION THAT YOUR OPPONENT PLAYS AGAINST YOU (and not at the caprice of the Gods o the GM as some managers seem to think is the case!!!). As a rule of thumb the more matches that you are involved in during a particular session then the more likelihood there is of your team receiving an injury(ies). However, this isn’t always the case. You have to look at who your opponents are, whether they have a reputation for playing aggression, whether they are a power team, etc., sometimes it pays you to play the PP when you are only going to play one game if you think that a certain team might injure your players, sometimes best to play it the session prior to your crucial game that you really need to ensure you have a full first team out against???? As with many factors in KA it’s acumen that decides it all (or is it?)????

One thing to try and remember that if your team is a skill one then you are likely to receive more injuries in general during a season that is a power one and remember that injuries cause you to lose one performance level for the player concerned so power teams are less likely to need a physio point being played on them, though they do get injuries, they are not absolved of them.

One other thing to remember is that in an auction you can purchase a Superphysio. This item stays with your team all-season long. What it does is to reduce the chances of your team receiving injuries even further. They are very effective indeed, and if linked to a power team can really make a difference. Many a successful team has a Superphysio and they early should be something that you will pay good money to have in the ranks of your club. Even with a skill team they greatly reduce the effect of injuries. Oh yes, and you still play your PPS even if you have a Superphysio as they still reduce the injury effects in the same manner.

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