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Well just in case you don’t know (and where have you been?). Kickabout is run by Spellbinder games and is the greatest PBM (Play by Mail) game ever.

You take the position of manager of a struggling football team and have the chance to guide them to glory. As manager you buy and sell players, direct coaching, select the players, formations and tactics for each game.

A Kickabout season is divided into sixteen sessions and each session you complete your orders and submit them to the GM. This is where TeamPick comes in as it makes it so much easier to create and edit your orders. Also, TeamPick will check your turn for embarrassing mistakes and errors.

The matches are then played and the results returned. Each session you receive a full newspaper-style newsletter which has match reviews, results, and transfers. 

But, be warned, Kickabout is highly addictive!!!

Want to know more? Take a look at www.kickaboutonline.co.uk

The Wiki is Here!

In the first step of an exciting new project I have converted the KickAbout rulebook into a Wiki. The Wiki is fully searchable and has relational links inside it so that you can jump to related sections.

The Teampick application now contains links from it’s various screens straight to the Wiki. 

We also have plan to add historical documents and new guides from extinguished and experienced players.

It's Here!!!

And this site is also home to ShowMatch which is the second greatest KickAbout utility ever.

Showmatch has been given a dramatic new graphical look and feel. The main match-screen has a new dynamic display. Simple to use video controls allow you to manage the action. Also, check out the new real-time match-stats.

For more details see the Showmatch tab.

The Plans for 2023

It’s gotta be done…

We are part way thrugh the new TeamPick rewrite. Unfortunately, development during 20222 was impacted by a few personal issues but this year’s resolution is to get Teampick development back on track.

The basic program functionality is now in place. There is a new team selection engine that graphically shows the players on the pitch and in addition there is a new format to the fixture manager. You also get a new financial statement and a scouting diary.

It’s also planned that TeamPick will link directly to SuperSnooper.