I am adding to FAQ’s all the time as questions come up from users. If you are stuck then take a look at the FAQ’s. If the answer isn’t there then email me on the KickAbout lists…


The WIKI now contains a wealth of articles contributed by experienced players and published over the years.

Frequently asked questions

TeamPick is supplied completely free of charge. It is a labour of love.

Yes. It is written in VB6 and so, unfortunately, it will only run on a Windows platform.

After playing KickAbout for a large number of years I became convinced that there was a better way to complete my turns than scribbling my team formations out on scraps of paper. I created the utility called Teampick. The programme is designed to assist the user in all aspects of completing their KickAbout turn. I have, over a period of years refined it and developed it and am indebted to the support and suggestions of other KickAbout players.

From TeamPick version 1.0.24 you can now set the session number by selecting <Tools><Options>. There is now a button to set session number.

I have provided two guides on how to download the latest version of Teampick and update your existing installation. Below are guides for the Google Chrome web browser and Microsoft Edge web browsers…

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

I am currently working on this. I think the issue is that I don’t have a code signing certificate (costs a fortune) and so AV programs are blocking it’s downloads. try turning off your AV. I will publish guides later

Teampick should run on any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating system. that’s everything from Windows 95 to Windows 10.

Unfortunately, Teampick will not run on an Apple Mac. There are no plans to produce a mac version – buy yourself a pc 🙂

Once you have installed the Teampick utility you will need to run it from the Windows start menu. You only need to do this the first time you use Teampick. When it is run for the first time Teampick will automatically register the .kik file type in your Windows registry. Once this has been done you can open the received .kik files by double clicking the attachment symbol (either a paperclip or a football) in your e-mail client. This will load the selected team directly into Teampick for you to enter your orders.

If you see an error message like “component msMapi32.ocx or one of it’s dependencies is not correctly registered : a file is missing or corrupt” it is likely that you have not installed the msMapi32.Ocx. This file dependency was added to Teampick version 1.07 and so if you have upgraded from an earlier version of Teampick you will need to manually download the msMapi32.Ocx from the Downloads page and save it to your System folder which is…

Windows 95 or Windows 98 – C:\Windows\System
Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP – C:\Windows\System32
Windows NT Workstation – C:\WinNT\System32

Zip files are compressed archives. Windows from version 7 onwards was able to inherantly handle .zip files.

If you are using an older Operating System then you should really buy yourself a new PC but in the meantime – In order to be able to open these files and extract the data files from them you will need to download a utility called WinZip. This is a shareware program and an evaluation version is available from Winzip.com