The second greatest KickAbout utility ever…



Watch your team’s matches. This completely new version of showmatch now gets contemporary graphics and real-time match stats. We have now added some really exciting new features.


The newsroom allows you to select the matches that you want to view.  


The StatPack provides multiple graphical views of both your team and their performance. 

File Viewer

File viewer allows you to view all of the files in the ShowMatch zip file from within the application. Not only that, file viewer strips away all those formatting labels which makes the files much easier to read.


Give a warm welcome to the new member of your back-office team. This guy is a complete nerd. This guy is amazing. 

SuperSnooper studies every file in the ShowMatch zip. He remembers and records every detail and then presents this information to you at the click of a button.

In addition you can also add your own notes and scouting results to add to your ever growing compendium of knowledge.

Other Features...

International Games

You can now view International matches as well as domestic fixtures

Fully Configurable

You can select your own photos for the background of both the mainscreen and the newsroom.

Video Controls

Pause, rewind or fast-forward matches.

Penalty Shootouts

The commentary of penalty shoot-outs completely reworked to increase the tension still further.

My teams

Configure "My Teams" for quick selection.

Easy Loading

ShowMatch now loads the entire .zip file straight from the hard-drive. No more manual unzipping - just click and run.

SuperSnooper Questions and Answers

Recording player events usig Gregorian dates didn’t seem to make much sense so we decided to use the convention that we would record events in terms of seasons and sessions. So a typical KickAbout season is comprised of sixteen sessions. So if a player was picked for an International squad in 20/03 then what this means is that the event occurred on session #3 on season #20.

SuperSnooper will examine all international squads, rep squads, auction results and transfer deals. These are the files that contain a player’s details.Once SuperSnooper knows a player’s details then he will keep an eye on this player. SuperSnooper wll record any events that affect that player. He will also check and update the player’s stats whenever the player gets picked for a squad or gets transferred.

No, you can also tell SuperSnooper about players. If you scout players or discover a player’s details by another means then you can manually add a player into SuperSnooper’s database. Once you have done this SuperSnooper will watch out for these players as well.

An event is anything that happens to a player. These include…

  • A player scores a goal
  • A player is booked
  • A player is sent-off
  • A player is injured
  • A player is selected for an International squad
  • A player is selected for a rep squad
  • The player is transferred

Each event is recorded. SuperSnooper records the date when the event happens which allows you to determine whether the player is still current and active.

SuperSnooper only records events for players that he has discovered (ie those players who he knows details for). The reason for this is that there is little point in recording events unless you have some details about the player. in addition, SuperSnooper could be recording details for different players with the same name. 

Ultimately, the fate of every player is to be sold to non-league. Unfortunately SuperSnooper does noy know when a player has been sold to non-league. 

So the only way that you can judge when a player has been sold to non-league is when you stop seeing events about this player. We have provided a tool to purge players who have had no recent events.