ShowMatch #2 – Beta Complete

We used the May virtual weekend to beta test ShowMatch#2. A couple of minor niggles ironed out and a host of feature requests from the Danish contingent. Just sorting out a small issue with the click-once deployment and then it will be ready for general release.


  • User can now select a background image
  • User can control the number of dislay lines (to an extent) although we are definitely not going back to the old scrolling text box
  • Fixed an issue with penalties
  • Fixed issue with the last match in a session not being viewable
  • Added go faster and go slower buttons
  • Display renders much faster and removed jerkiness on resize/maximised

Outstanding feature requests…

  • Add a weekend playall selected matches without stopping feature
  • More responsive reaction to pause/stop
  • Remember last screen position
  • Considering adding season stat recording

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