ShowMatch2 Version 1.0.7 and the Statpack!!

Our team of developers have been working hard and we are please to announce the release of Version 1.0.7 of ShowMatch2. This is a major milestone release as it includes the much anticipated Statpack where Showmatch provides graphical stat analysis of both the current session and the season to date. Get valuable insights into your opponents’ strategies.

Version 1.0.7 also includes a number of bug fixes and new features,,,


  • Stat pack added
  • Best match recommendation back by popular appeal
  • Newsroom messages don’t show on subsequent re-loads


  • Penalties scorers are now correctly reported
  • Penalty shootouts fixed (for three line display and report of who scored)
  • Display of injuries improved
  • Newsroom reports don’t cumulate if you watch more than one file
  • Showmatch correctly identifies Messi files
  • Not selecting “MyTeams” doesn’t crash the newsroom

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