Bug Fix - label for max number of seats in New Seats is now correct (1000)
Bug Fix - made adjustment to base wage calculation
Bug fix - Wadders sometimes gets confused about which match has a problem - fixed
Bug Fix - When changing coached player sometimes the player who is now not being coached was showing wrong level
Bug Fix - When you don't have an available GK programme can pick eleven outfield players
Bug Fix - When adding new apps you cannot tab into hidden fields
Bug Fix - Removed all references to lastsessionno - so if Chris sends out turns with wrong session number it is only necessary to change the sessionNo reference
Bug Fix - Weather effects show the playing area that they affect
Bug Fix - Playing midfield specialists out of position now correctly calculates levels
Bug Fix - Finally found how rougue user names sometimes appear in output files

New feature - "reset all" button on match screen resets all your adjustments
New feature - Traffic light indicators on wage negotiation screen showing liklihood of success
New feature - Wadders checks if you are selling star players and reminds you to tell Chris 
New feature - Wadders checks that you are using a physio point if you have a derby game
New feature - Wadders warns you about understrength teams
New feature - Wadders warns if you haven't told a player who to scount
New feature - match screen now shows if captain's bonus is not used
New Feature - match screen now highlight if MP's or Agg applied to SW when no sweeper played
New feature - Teampick will now generate a new season start-up file
new feature - default player sale option is no-longer non-league and wadders checks for selling team